The Calloway Way

Results and Integrity


For almost a quarter of a century, Wayne Calloway led Frito-Lay and then PepsiCo to double in revenue and profitability every 5 years, an astonishing story of success that has never been fully told. However, this book is not so much about the numbers that were attained but the systematic leadership approach and the way these results were achieved. The “Calloway Way” was focused on achieving aggressive results but with extremely high personal integrity. He believed that without growth you couldn’t sustain energy and enthusiasm, and without energy and enthusiasm, you couldn’t attract and retain the best talent. And, the reverse was also true: that without the best talent you couldn’t sustain growth year after year, let alone as Calloway did for decades. This book has a dual purpose. First, to tell an important, untold success story. The second, to inspire a needed “leadership renaissance” if we are to be competitive in the 21st century. One of the key things you will learn from the “Calloway Way” is that leadership and people matter, even in this machine age.



Blind Spot

A Leader’s Guide to IT-Enabled Business Transformation

The book Blind Spot: A Leader’s Guide to IT-Enabled Transformation exemplifies Charlie Feld’s ability to demystify technology and clearly communicates a framework for transforming IT into a competitive strength.

Why “Blind Spot?”

A “blind spot” can be defined as a subject that is obscure or unintelligible to otherwise sharp and intelligent people. And after many years of experience, Feld recognized that several business leaders have a common blind spot: Information Technology (IT).

An Introduction to the Framework

This book describes a framework that I have developed and improved over the last 30 years with a variety of organizations, including Frito-Lay, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, and Southwest Airlines. This framework consists of four planks that form a platform for change and five phases that pace the execution over several years. Together they create a journey.

Woven into a management system that employs practical implementation guidelines, this approach to strategically integrating IT into your business model has proven to be invaluable for business leaders.


Harvard Business School
“In Blind Spot, Charlie Feld provides a clear and simple framework for managing major IT-enabled business transformations. I developed and then taught the Frito-Lay case study at Harvard Business School for many years. The reason it has been so popular with senior executives is it is more about a business transformation that was enabled by IT than about technology.”

–Lynda Applegate, Harvard Business School

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