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Once the broad outline of the plan is articulated, defining the HOW is critical. It’s the pathway for executing the strategies that will move an organization from its Current Model to the Future State.  It’s about:

  • Building a business and technology blueprint
  • Quality engineering
  • Disciplined program and project management

Many executive teams believe that IT initiatives — particularly those that are multi-year and enterprise-wide — are risky investments. And in many cases, a history of “doomed” IT projects is due to a fragmented approach vs. an integrated way to optimize the way you do business.

Practical Application

The Feld Group Institute has developed a Management Framework that will enable leadership teams to dramatically reduce the randomness of their results while improving the odds of success.

In order for it to work, however, leadership teams must:

  • Plan for a multi-year process
  • Link the IT initiative to the company’s overall strategic goals
  • Get the commitment of executive leadership and the IT department
  • Provide for long-term value creation
  • Set progress milestones for delivery every 6 to 9 months.

This type of complex, multi-year, always-on development takes a great deal of technical skill and IT leadership. But with a disciplined, organized and consistent approach, a company can successfully take IT from a craft to a profession.

Governing IT
“Although democracy is a powerful way to manage a nation, it is probably the worst form of government when it comes to IT.”

~ from Blind Spot: A Leader’s Guide to IT-Enabled Business Transformation

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