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The last plank in the platform, the WHO stage is essential to managing an IT-enabled transformation. Companies will need to identify people who can inspire employees to want to go to work in the morning and motivate them to nurture this type of culture moving forward.

The Human Factor

Whether you outsource, smart-source or go it alone, there are 4 components that differentiate one enterprise from another:

Organization  Consider ways to simplify and de-layer staffing structures

Leadership  Identify people who can see underlying relationships, demonstrate this insight, show personal character and have an impact

Culture  Promote a culture of trust, hope, enjoyment and opportunity

Performance  Create a climate where people are motivated, feel valued and are encouraged to build on their skills

It is critical for companies to have the right people in the right positions throughout the organization who can share the vision and work through the issues.

Regular Feedback
“Providing employees with regular feedback about their performance is one of the most important activities a manager can do.”

~ from Blind Spot: A Leader’s Guide to IT-Enabled Business Transformation

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