At The Feld Group Institute, we believe the key to business success lies in the hands of leaders who understand how to smartly implement their corporate strategies through IT-enabled business transformation efforts. Here are the leadership opportunities available through our IT Leadership Center.


CIO Game Planning Sessions

These sessions are designed to help newly positioned CIOs successfully step into the role. The sessions are equally valuable to first-time CIOs who have been either internally or externally promoted into the position, or for experienced CIOs who are joining a new industry or company. Too often, the first 90-180 days lack a structure that helps the new CIO quickly on-board, assess, and begin to set direction.

Our approach assumes the new CIO has about a 60 percent accurate hypothesis, based on what they’ve heard throughout the recruiting cycle, as well as from their prior experiences. We have developed a “30 / 60 / 90 day outcomes” model based on The Feld Group Institute’s Framework. At the 180-day marker, the CIO should be well down the path toward:

  • Communicating his/her two- to four-year agenda to the Executive Committee and the IT Organization
  • Making the organization and leadership changes required to execute that agenda

Initiating the “Business of IT” changes required to build speed, consistency, and quality into the execution of the “Agenda” 

Developing IT Leadership Teams

As we work with CIOs and their Direct Reports, and as they begin to adopt The Feld Group Institute’s Framework into their way of thinking as a new “mental model,” it becomes very important the next layer of their leadership team begins to understand and buy into the same model as well.

The process starts with a Feld Group Institute team spending several days on-site at the client location. Their purpose is to understand the environment, as well as the issues and challenges that need to be addressed.

Within two to three weeks, this is followed by a three-day session at The Feld Group Institute Ranch. The participants will include the layer of management just below the CIO’s Direct Reports. Depending on the organization, there may also be several key architects or technical leaders who participate.

The ideal size is between 10 and 20 people. The team will go through much of the same content the CIO and Direct Reports experienced previously to ensure the entire team of senior leaders has the same foundation as the transformation journey begins.

The workshop-style sessions are structured in such a way as to teach the principles of our framework, as well as begin to model how the team needs to work together in a creative way in order to solve the significant challenges the organization is confronting. Throughout the sessions, they will apply our framework to their specific situation in a practical way.

The “retreat” setting at the ranch also creates an environment where relationships can be strengthened or established. The sessions are highly participative and rigorous, but time for teambuilding and fun has been built into the agenda. 

Technology Leadership Development

The Feld Group Institute has created a unique program that supports global corporations in developing next-generation IT leaders. The Technology Leadership Development (TLD) program delivers an accelerated learning path, empowering leaders with a proven framework and the essential skills to position their company for long-term competitiveness and sustainable growth. The curriculum draws heavily upon The Feld Group Institute leadership insights, operational experience, and time-tested strategic framework for enterprise success. Participants are challenged to articulate their learning through individual course work, group activities and discussions with industry leaders.

The program is divided into two separate one-week modules and is structured around a proven, end-to-end framework with real-world case studies to highlight key principles. Lectures, small group discussions and activities encourage classroom engagement and foster collaboration among participants. Informal events help participants form bonds that continue beyond the completion of the program, and alumni events are offered to allow participants to further network. The curriculum is taught by Charlie Feld and Affiliates of The Feld Group Institute; the Affiliates represent line-leaders, as well as deeply experienced CIOs and CTOs.

MODULE 1: January 29 – February 2, 2018
During module one, participants gain an understanding of the framework used to establish a crucial bridge between business and IT leadership; this includes a common language to discuss contemporary and complex issues. This module focuses on the interconnectedness of the first three IT Transformation Models: the Business Model, the Business Systems Model, and the Technology Systems Model. Case studies and activities illustrate how to pick the “right fight,” set the agenda, and develop a compelling story to paint the vision required for an IT-enabled business transformation.

MODULE 2: April 16-20, 2018
Participants return for the second module to focus on the building blocks of the transformation: the Organization Model, the Economic Model and the Operating Model. Understanding these critical elements positions the organization to deliver new capabilities at a high velocity, in a quality manner, while managing costs and eliminating bureaucracy. Discussion shifts to the pacing and execution of the change agenda to ensure real impact. The program wraps up with a focus on leadership to encourage strategic dialogue with business partners while guiding technology teams to success.

The program is designed for IT leaders who have significant responsibilities and have been identified as high potential within their organization. The program is selective and consists of leaders who are candidates in the succession plans of Fortune 500 and other global corporations.

Program Fee: $10,000. The program fee covers tuition, books, materials and meals. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. If admission is within 30 days of the program start date, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Cancellation policies are outlined in the information provided to participants upon admission.

Program Contact:
Gloria Olive

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