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Upcoming Class: EA4

AUGUST 20 TO 22, 2019


It is a fundamental principle that architecture matters. Architecture-driven enterprises can be agile, efficient, and forward-facing: adept at evolving in response to rapidly shifting marketplace challenges and opportunities.

At the Feld Group Institute, we believe that it is time to reframe the conversation about enterprise architecture. Traditionally, the focus has been highly, and mostly or exclusively, technical. And that might have made sense in the past, when the pace of IT development was slower and things were simpler.

But the rapid-fire pace of technology innovation and global adoption has transformed marketplace dynamics in many ways. That’s why we strongly believe that the dialogue about enterprise architecture must now also take place at the highest levels—including a strategic focus incorporating both business as well as technical architecture.

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As a key part of transformation in the Modern Era, companies must do more than prescribe and govern an Enterprise Architecture. We must also build it and operationalize it. We will delve into the changing nature of the enterprise architecture required to support accelerated modernization and change.

The class is structured around a proven, end-to-end framework with real-world case studies to highlight key principles. Lectures, small group discussions and activities encourage classroom engagement and foster collaboration among participants. The class is designed for Enterprise Architects, Leaders of Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio/Domain Architects, and Business Architects.

This multi-faceted architectural perspective is essential to ensuring that technological capabilities fully support the corporation’s strategic vision and blueprint for growth. But, even a clearly articulated, modern, and complete business and technical architecture is not enough. Ultimately, the success of enterprise architecture is also based heavily on the enablement of the appropriate organization, funding and operating models. This ability to operationalize enterprise architecture is key to thriving in the modern era.

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