Dive a little deeper into our process and see how our unique viewpoint on the role of IT in business has shaped the likes of these clients.


Case Studies

Companies that utilize our framework experience truly meaningful technology-enabled business transformations.

The Consumer Goods Story

The Feld Group was brought into a global consumer products company to work with the Chief Operating Officer to create a business-driven IT strategy and serve as the interim IT…
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The Banking Story

The Feld Group Institute was engaged by the CIO of a major bank that was falling behind in the customer experience. The bank had grown both organically and through M&A activity…
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The Transportation Story

The Feld Group was hired by the Board of Directors to merge two major class I railroads. Since the acquisition had to be approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)…
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The Airline Story

The Feld Group was brought into a major U.S. airline to help lead the client team on three significant undertakings: first, a comprehensive IT modernization and and effectiveness effort…
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